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Q.How much time is taken by the language school to process my application?

A.If the application is filled as per the requirements then  it takes us approximately  1-2 working days.

Q.Are there students from any other nationalities at UK School?

A.Yes, UK School plays host to students from over 10 nationalities across the world.

Q.What is the requisite amount for covering my living expenses during my stay in UK?

A.Although living expenses vary as per individual living standards, students should budget about GBP 800-GBP 1000 per month for a comfortable life style.

Q.Do I need to pay for medical care? Is there a provision for it in UK?

A.All students who are from EU r are covered by NHS or National Health Service at no  cost. However, students from outside EU are not covered, i.e those who are under student visitors visa. There are several  private health insurance schemes available in either your home countries or in the UK which may cover you during your stay. Alternatively you can also speak to your travel insurance company to check if they will cover you during your saty in the UK.

Q.Do I need to pay my fees in advance?

A.Yes, you need to pay your full course fees in advance for the course you have opted for at our school. However, in some circumstances we consider 50% of course fees.

Q.Does the college have wireless broadband connection?

A.Yes, the college fully supports wireless broadband connection. A student is provided with Wi-Fi access throughout the college.

Q.Can I bring along my family to UK?

A. Dependents are not allowed on the student visitor visa category. However, if your partner wishes to study English at our school, we can offer them a place as well.

Q.Can I work part time while I am studying in UK?

A.Under the new rules you are not allowed to work part time if you are a non-EEA student.

Q.Can I take English exams at your school?

A.Yes, we are a Trinity College London exam centre for B1. 

UK School of English in London was founded in 2002 and we aim to provide quality English language courses.

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