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One to One English

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One-to-one English lessons are a perfect way to address specific English learning needs. These classes are designed with the learner in mind. You can book one to one classes at any level and for as many hours as you wish.

It is also possible to combine one to one lessons with any other course that you are pursuing. As  it’s just you and your teacher, you can choose exactly what you want to concentrate on – this could be anything from intensive work on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking or listening. As well as improving your personal weaknesses, one to one means that the teacher  can provide  you with  undivided attention and you can work more intensively, resulting in making progress by receiving the additional support

So, if you are looking for private english lessons in Croydon, please feel free to contact us. We can arrange lessons at our school.

UK School of English in London was founded in 2002 and we aim to provide quality English language courses.

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