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General English

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Course Outline

At UK School on the General English Courses we provide:

  •  Experienced and qualified English Teachers
  •  Full or part time lessons at all levels
  •  Courses to help you to improve all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  •  Courses to help you  gain confidence in your English ability
  •  A diverse student body with students of all ages, cultures, nationalities and background.

Course materials

Our course  materials will help you  develop all four skills and make your learning interesting.

Criteria for Entry and Levels

A test is conducted for every student before enrolment whereby their appropriate level is determined. We run courses right from Beginner to  Advanced Level of English:         

  •  Beginner: For students with none or very less knowledge of English
  •  Elementary: For students with only some elementary knowledge of English
  •  Pre-intermediate: For students with some knowledge of Basic English
  •  Intermediate: For students who understand and can use most of the basic structures of English
  •  Advanced: For students who wish to progress to a high level of English that will equip them for rapid and accurate communication in English

Course Information for Students

This section gives you some information about our General English courses. It provides you with the information i,e  what to expect . In the event you require additional information then please contact us.

Outcome of the Beginner Level course:

Reading: Understand short sentences in simple language.

Writing: Fill in forms with personal details,

Listening: Understand basic personal information and main points of clear simple messages and announcements.

Speaking: Ask and answer simple questions relating to personal information, likes and dislikes. To give simple descriptions of houses and rooms. To tell the time and to ask for simple information regarding price and make simple requests.

Outcome of the Elementary Level course:

Reading :Understand short texts in simple language and find specific information in timetables, menus and advertisements.

Writing: Fill in forms with personal details; write short notes and messages, holiday postcards and simple personal letters.

Listening: Understand basic personal information and information about the local area, e.g. shopping, travel and employment. To understand main points of clear simple messages and announcements.

Speaking:  Ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics. To describe the place where you live, family members and people you know. To talk simply about education and jobs.

Outcome of the Pre-Intermediate Level course:

Reading:  To be able to understand basic language and descriptions of events and feelings and wishes in personal letters.

Writing: To be able to write personal letters describing impressions, feelings and experiences and to write simple about familiar topics.

Listening:  To be able to understand the main points of radio programmes on current affairs and familiar topics when the speech is clear and slow, and to be able to understand clear speech on subjects such as work, school and leisure.

Speaking: To be able to talk about familiar topics and to give explanations and reasons for opinions, past actions and future plans. Also to recount the story of a book or film and deal with most situations in an English-speaking environment.

Outcome of the Intermediate Level course:

Reading: Read authentic texts from many sources, such as newspapers, magazines and literature. You will learn to read quickly both for general understanding and for specific details, and also to read more thoroughly for better comprehension.

Writing:  Write both formal and informal letters describing impressions and feelings, experiences and events. You will also learn to write descriptive texts and narratives and reports on a range of subjects.

Listening: Listen to a variety of material from interviews with real people, radio programmes, songs and lectures. You will learn to listen both for general understanding and more detail.

Speaking: Discuss familiar topics in some detail and speak confidently with native speakers. You will also learn to give your own opinions and discuss advantages and disadvantages.

Outcome of the Advanced Level course:

Reading: Understand complex literary and factual texts in different styles.

Writing:  Write letters, essays and reports in appropriate style about complex subjects. Express your own point of view in a well-structured manner.

Listening: Understand most TV programmes and films in other accents and understand long and complex speech.

Speaking:  Speak fluently and communicate effectively both socially and professionally. Also to relate your ideas and opinions to those of other speakers, develop arguments and talk about complex subjects.


All Our Courses Include:          

  • 3  hours of classes on a daily basis 
  • 15 hours per week
  • Study sessions in the morning and afternoon
  • Each 3-hour session includes a 15-minute break
  • Levels Available - Elementary to Advanced
  • Maximum Class Size - 18
  • Minimum Age - 18
  • Start any Monday (except for Bank Holidays)


Course Name- Pre-Intermediate/Beginner        :        Monday – Friday 1100 – 1400

Course Name- Elementary/Intermediate            :       Monday – Friday 1400 – 1700                 

                                            Each 3-hour session includes a 15-minute break


How to Apply

To apply, please visit the application procedure page. 


UK School of English in London was founded in 2002 and we aim to provide quality English language courses.

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